I came to see John on the recommendation of my husband, who had been going to his kettlebell classes for some time. I was, quite frankly, feeling like a bit of a wreck – two small children and a disc bulge in my lower back had taken their toll. I was tired, overweight and suffering chronic pain. Over the weeks John has managed to transform not only how my body looks and feels but also my confidence in what my body can do. I feel stronger and fitter than I have in years and really look forward to the training sessions which are challenging, rewarding and fun due to John’s boundless enthusiasm and incredible knowledge. I really can not rate him highly enough – thanks John, you’re a miracle worker!”

Chloe Biddlecombe, March 2017

John has been my PT since April this year. I find his training methods innovative and effective. He is passionate about what he does and he has extensive knowledge and experience. My goal is to loose body fat and gain muscle and generally get fit and healthy. I had hit a snag by just going to the gym myself, and have since training with John gotten stronger, fitter and results are also showing on paper with fat loss and inches. John is very in tune with what I am capable of (more so than me) and have made me achieve things I never thought possible. I am on a journey and are super excited to continue my journey with John! 

Elisabeth McLeod, October 2016