The John Ruffell Fitness Studio

We are delighted to announce that after many years of using other venues, John Ruffell Fitness has acquired our own premises from which to base our classes and personal training. The new John Ruffell Fitness Studio provides 75 Square metres of training

The studio is located alongside the Murco Garage in the heart of Whitchurch and is easily accessible on foot or by car. there are several parking areas available including the central town parking which has a convenient passage that make it no more than a three minute walk. The routes and parking areas are clearly highlighted below. The yellow routes are the roads, Blue represents pedestrian cut through walk ways and purple areas represent parking.

Please note all classes apart from the Andover Kettlebells class will now be taking place here at the studio.  If you would like to discuss or have any further questions please email John Ruffell or call on 07910 736432.