Kettlebells develop core strength and can aid in weight loss whilst increasing strength and stamina. Kettlebells can become fun and addictive; they stimulate the muscles creating a leaner physique while at the same time your body is training the cardiovascular system making stronger lungs, healthier body and heart. John can coach you in using a Kettlebell in a safe and simple way.

Kettlebell exercises spread the load across multiple muscle groups giving you a full body workout in one. The list of positives is endless including building muscle, strength and stamina, flexibility, conditioning, endurance, coordination, rhythm & power!

Kettlebells come in different shapes and sizes starting with a lower weight for beginners to practice technique then increasing the weight to gain strength. The shape of the kettlebell is a cast iron ball with a handle giving you an axis to allow you to perform many different exercises.

Most importantly, kettlebells produce results. Depending on your goal you can use them to transform your life by increasing fitness and strength, or use to change the shape of your body, making a healthier you!

To complement your training, John also offers weekly Kettlebell classes held at the Hampshire Fitness Centre :

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We are happy to announce that our notorious kettlebell classes are all held at the Hampshire Fitness Centre in Whitchurch Hampshire.

Weekly Class Timetable

Monday – 1945hrs

Tuesday – 1900hrs

Thursday – 1930hrs

Friday – 0915hrs

The Hampshire Fitness Centre is located at the top of Micheldever Road, in a beautiful rural part of Whitchurch and is easily accessible by car, bicycle or on foot. There is parking on location. This is a gym with a view and we at John Ruffell Fitness Kettlebells are proud to call this our new home.

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New members attending their first session please arrive 5 mins before start time. This would help with standard PAR-Q forms all new members complete before exercising with the group. Alternatively you can request a form via email below. Print, fill out and bring along to your first session.

Sessions are £8 for drop in, or £30 for 5 sessions payable in advance. Any questions or queries please contact John – John Ruffell Fitness – 07910 736432 – 01256 892699 – or email John.