It is our opinion that personal training is exactly that, personal. John is dedicated to crafting the perfect training regime to you and your needs, whatever your end goal may be; weight loss, fat burning or muscle building. For many the thought of using a personal trainer can be intimidating. John’s gentle nature and encouragement will very quickly put you at ease and allow you to concentrate on your goals. His passion for fitness, training and different ideas means that every work out is fun but will have maximum effect. It is this winning combination of personality and technique that will ensure you achieve your goals. John will craft your training to fit around your life so you have the best possible chance of being successful.Personal training, John Ruffell Fitness, Whithcurch, HampshireEach programme is tailor made to the individual, no matter what end of the spectrum you are starting from. Your first consultation will involve an in depth conversation of why you are on this journey, whether it be turning over a new leaf, wanting to have more energy for your children, mental well-being, maintaining a level or fitness or training for a personal challenge. He will conduct static health tests to give you a base line from which to move forward and chart your progress along the way. From that consultation John will devise you the perfect training regime that combines modern training techniques along with a structured nutritional element that will bring you to goal that much faster.Personal training, John Ruffell Fitness, Whithcurch, HampshireTraining can take place in your own home. John can quite literally bring the gym to you in his purpose built vehicle and set up everything you need to complete your exercise routines. Alternatively he has small private gym that he operates from in Whitchurch so you can focus on your routines away from the crowds.

Personal training, John Ruffell Fitness, Whithcurch, HampshireJohn’s philosophy is simple and direct. Identify the problem that is preventing you from living the life you wish, optimising your training to full effect using his in depth knowledge of fitness techniques, personal motivation and nutrition, and then following through to fruition. Don’t be surprised if you find him at the finish line cheering you on!