“I came to see John on the recommendation of my husband, who had been going to his kettlebell classes for some time. I was, quite frankly, feeling like a bit of a wreck – 2 small children and a disc bulge in my lower back had taken their toll. I was tired, over weight and suffering chronic pain. Over the weeks John has managed to transform not only how my body looks and feels but also my confidence in what my body can do. I feel stronger and fitter than I have in years and really look forward to the training sessions which are challenging, rewarding and fun due to John’s boundless enthusiasm and incredible knowledge. I really can not rate him highly enough – thanks John, you’re a miracle worker!” – Chloe Biddlecombe, March 2017

Many trainers I have had in the past I have never stuck with as I have found their methods slightly one directional. Although I was running at the time I was worried about the impact on my knees and was looking for another way to exercise and through John Ruffell I discovered kettlebells.  John’s easy going nature and quietly confident demeanour immediately put me at ease. He motivates me to push myself to be faster and stronger without ever making me feel self-conscious . Through his technical knowledge a whole dynamic of nutritional advice and home training I can fit around my busy schedule has allowed me to lose weight and keep it off in a way I have never succeeded with before. I can highly recommend him. – Peter McLeod, February 2017

After a long break from exercise I finally dusted off the gym gear and tagged along to one of John’s locally famous kettlebell sessions! That was nearly a year ago now and the buzz from his classes hasn’t wavered in the slightest.His knowledge really is second to none and every session is always different so there’s absolutely no chance of getting bored. Just how he achieves that is beyond me! Keep it up John, I don’t ever want to get back into couch potato mode again! – Lee Williams, December 2016

It does not matter how low you are feeling two minutes with John and you will be ready to give your all. He truly is a damn good instructor. – Michael Laughton, November 2016

John has been my PT since April this year. I find his training methods innovative and effective. He is passionate about what he does and he has extensive knowledge and experience. My goal is to lose body fat and gain muscle and generally get fit and healthy. I had hit a snag by just going to the gym myself, and have since training with John have got stronger, fitter and results are also showing on paper with fat loss and inches. John is very in tune with what I am capable of (more so than me) and has made me achieve things I never thought possible. I am on a journey and I am super excited to continue my journey with John! – Elisabeth McLeod, October 2016

John’s regular kettlebell classes in Whitchurch, Overton & Andover provide informal yet high-quality, focussed fitness in a fun, friendly environment. He does 1:1 & small group training prioritising personal goals including qualified nutritional advice. John has achieved amazing results for me, my family & friends through encouragement & skilfully designed individualised programmes: everyone needs a John Ruffell in their life!  – Lucy Sykes, October 2016

Starting a new journey with the help of John Ruffell Fitness. Had my body fat measured today -28 day cycle… Let’s do this! Thanks for all your continuing help, support and knowledge. Love Kettlebells on Tuesdays and Thursday’s – awesome sessions with a top trainer!  Dawn Taylor, October, 2016

I love my kettlebell sessions. John is really friendly and helpful and provides really engaging sessions. Highly recommended. – Bianca Reeves, September 2016

It’s my 7th week of training with John and it’s been always fun, everyday is different and never a bore! Very friendly and knows when to push you hard when you needed to. He made sure my program is what I love doing- which is a mix of powerlifting and crossfit! Before I started, I couldn’t even carry 70 KG of deadlift or squats. After 4 weeks, increased 20 kgs (90 kgs) with weight training! So the dream to a 100kg squat goal is alive! With a good mix of cardio with resistance and interval training, I feel more stronger and confident, slowly losing those pounds and measurements without starving myself and most importantly having fun at the same time!!!Quennie James, August 2016

Exactly what I want and need from a trainer and an exercise regime; In-depth knowledge, imparted in the form of friendly advice and encouragement, no hectoring or pressurising (once the encouragement has got me motivated I can do that for myself!), well designed and enjoyable routines, a friendly and supportive group environment. – Les Jordan, August 2015

Almost a year to the day I had my first personal training session with John Ruffell. My goal was to lose some baby weight and get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I never thought I’d come to love exercise and feel so much fitter and stronger in the process. Two stone lighter, many inches leaner and a whole lot more energetic, a huge thanks goes out to John for his hard work and skill in judging the right training programme, whatever your needs or fitness level. Thank you! X – Anna Hutton, July 2015

Great for motivation and monitoring physical improvements. John’s training has helped me make better use of my training time whilst travelling on business. His personal training is innovative and tailored to my personal needs. Group classes are great too, they cater for all levels of fitness with a real focus on safe and progressive training. – Paul Spackman, June 2015

John’s friendly and persuasive approach is excellent. When I joined one of his groups I knew I was unfit and was afraid I might be pushed harder than I wanted. I needn’t have worried, rather than being pushed I found I was encouraged to discover exactly what I could do and to build on that. Although I am significantly older than most of the group this hasn’t been an issue, the friendly atmosphere generated by John runs through the group and everyone is very welcoming. – Brian Jordan, January 2015

An amazing way to lose weight, gain body confidence and feel better about yourself! Supportive and very enjoyable! Each person is different and John focuses on your short term goals and aims. – Chrissy Cox, April 2014

Never thought exercise could be so much fun until I started JRF Kettlebell classes. Seen great results in myself and others and really enjoyed myself at the same time. John Ruffell has done more for me than I ever got from going to the gym and I’ve never been happier! – Vicky Clark, January 2014

I have not only seen brilliant fitness and body results but also chemical changes that have changed my whole outlook on exercise and eating healthily! I would recommend to anyone wanting to ascertain changes for life – Go for it, I did and have no regrets! – Ruth Capindale, December 2013